Crisis Killer

Crisis Killer

If you are in to the forex niche or in to making money online, you must have probably heard of Crisis Killer - The revolutionary software/bot developed by an Austrian Programmer that doubled a $100K EUR deposit in just 2 months.

Wondering what exactly Crisis Killer is and How it works? Read on..

What is Crisis Killer?

Crisis Killer is a forex robot/bot/EA developed by Thomas L that doubled $130,000 [EUR 100,000] real money account in 2 months. You can use the bot to trade in your account for any deposit and generate lots of money even if you have no idea what Forex is.

Yes, You can use Crisis Killer even if you are totally new to Forex. Read What a Forex Robot is and what makes crisis killer the best bot of all time

Crisis Killer

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Crisis Killer is a powerful forex robot that has unique algorithms to detect patterns in the market and decide the best time to make a trade. It is also developed by one of the world finest programmer Thomas L who was ready to risk 100k EUR real money deposit on his code. Luckily he ended up doubling the money.

Crisis Killer is the exact same forex robot that Thomas used to double his deposit. You can use Crisis Killer in your forex trading account and get same (sometimes closer or even better) results. And you don’t need to deposit $130k to use this bot. It works for any deposits (even $100), any time and in market conditions!

The software can run right in you computer or in a VPS and can trade in your demo / real money accounts with small/large deposits. Note that you can even use this robot on a demo trading account to make sure it works.

Features of Crisis Killer Forex Robot

Noob Friendly

  • You dont need to know anything about forex to use this bot. You get complete instructions and video tutorials to get you started.
  • All you need is to invest money, run the robot and watch it making profits.

Works on any amount of money

  • Crisis Killer can work on any amount on deposit. Even if its $100 or $130,000 – the bot works.
  • And its proven to return 100% Profit in 2 month. Proof verified by broker – The only robot that has this! 

Best Quality at Cheapest Rate

  • There are plenty of forex robots in which developers doesn’t even show the proof of earning or the proof is not verified by the broker. And still they charge $97-$397 for the robot.
  • But the worlds best forex robot – Crisis Killer cost you only $39.98 for lifetime license and support.
  • Its not a scam though! The developers get commissions you deposit money at myfxchoise. Its not your money that goes to them, but the broker pay them incentives.
  • So for $39 you get an incredible piece of software that would have made the same number of sales even if sold for $197.

Active Trading Bot

  • The bot has 10-30 trades open at any given time.
  • This works in all market conditions pocketing you tons of cash

High reward -Low Risk Methodology

  • Can make lot of trades making high returns with low risks. This is another factor that make crisis killer the best forex robot
  • Other bots either has high risk or low rewards.

Easy Installation

  • The bot has auto-install features and you could activate the bot with just few clicks.
  • Also get dedicated support from myfxchoice forex broker

60 Day Money-back Guarantee

  • Crisis Killer is sold through Clickbank, the worlds most safest payments portal. Clickbank let the buyer get 100% refund on any purchase.
  • You can get 100% Refund for any reason with in 60 Days of Purchase!

24/7 Customer Support

  • You are not alone with a bot. You get complete help and technical support from the dedicated support staffs.

And there are plenty of of other features that make crisis killer the best forex EA in the world.


Crisis Killer Review

Crisis Killer is indeed the best forex bot in the history when it comes to performance. The only bot that works for anyone even at this financial crisis.

We have setup a page to grab real customer reviews of Crisis Killer at Crisis Killer Review

Who is Thomas L?

Thomas is the ingenious programmer who developed Crisis Killer. He is a world class programmer from Austria who was risked 200k eur to his software program. Find out more about Thomas at Who is Thomas L?

Crisis Killer SCAM?

This is first question everyone ask whenever you see something new in the internet. There are many people googling “crisis killer scam”, “crisis killer works?”, “crisis killer sucks”..etc to find out if this is another scam program. Well! The answer is NO! Crisis Killer is NOT a scam – Read why at Crisis Killer Scam


Crisis Killer Bonus/Discount/Rebate

Crisis Killer is a powerful and worthy tool that could be even charged $499. But its only $38 for now as thomas want to sell it to maximum people.

Anyway here is a discount link for you that could help you save you some money on Crisis Killer.

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